The Right Boots for Ice and Cold

Soon there will be ice

The leaves are changing color and the air is cool and brisk – which means that soon there will be snow – and yes—ICE – on our streets and sidewalks.

This fall we have experienced more people coming in and wanting to be prepared for the day ice arrives and they need to walk across parking lots or between buildings.

There are lots of products for your different needs that will help when walking or doing activities in icy conditions. Some are designed for snow hiking, some for running, and some for just doing daily activities such as walking from your car to a store. At Taos Mountain Outfitters we carry a wide selection of various ice stabilizers that may help combat ice.

One major thing to remember is walking on ice requires special attention.

Here are some friendly reminders for handling ice:

  • Assume that all dark areas on pavement are ice and slippery
  • Avoid shoes or boots with smooth soles. Instead, wear footwear that can provide traction such as non-slip rubber soles.
  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles – use the vehicle for support
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets. Hands in the pockets decrease your center of gravity and balance. Plus, if you do slip your hands can help break the fall
  • If you do slip, try avoiding landing on your knees, wrists or spine. It is better to relax and try to land on your side which is usually fleshier.
  • Take short steps
  • Think about it – what living creature handles ice? The Penguin. So, walk like a penguin. Point your feet out slightly on ice – this increases your center of gravity.

Kudos to the Taos Arts Festival folks

Thank you to the Taos Arts Festival folks who did a wonderful job presenting Taos’ 40th Arts Festival. The Paseo was great and the whole event was well executed. The passport idea was fantastic and the overall mood of this event – and the town – was so positive! Let’s hope this is just a prelude to a wonderful holiday and ski season!

It is boot season and now is the time to get in here and get your winter boots!

Some basic tips to remember when buying boots:

  • The heel will slip – that is the nature of boots. Until a boot gets use to our foot there will be some slippage. And, if you don’t have slippage that is when you will have problems.
  • If the heel and boot are too tight the boot won’t be as warm as it should be because the air isn’t circulating around the foot.
  • When a boot states it will keep warm to -20 degrees below zero that means it should keep warm to that temperature BUT it depends on the person’s circulation and activity. If you are sitting at a football game at Lambeau Field you may still be cold because you are not moving around, thus your blood isn’t flowing.
  • Think about what you will be doing in your boot. Is it to wear to school or work or are you looking for a boot to snowshoe in? We have a nice selection and we want to help you find a boot to fit your cold weather needs!

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves

Are you looking for the perfect glove? Our glove selection is one of the largest in Taos and we have gloves that will keep you warm, allow you to use your Iphone or other electronics, or just scratch your nose. There are so many different gloves for different activities – check it out at TMO!