Preventing and Treating Poisonous Plant Contact

Along with the countless joys of camping and hiking in the Southwest, come the inevitable dangers of adventuring outside. Perhaps one of the most frustrating is an unexpected encounter with poisonous plants. Poison oak and poison ivy can sneak up on you and have you seeing red in no time. Wearing protective clothing and being observant of your surroundings can help in avoiding the unpleasant symptoms associated with contacting these plants. But sometimes the irritant-causing oils are carried in the fur of a pet or on your clothes, and can be transferred to your skin before you know to avoid it. The best treatment strategy is to prevent further spreading by cleaning the area thoroughly, and then aid the healing process by limiting the urge to itch damaged skin. Hopefully your summer will not include any run-ins with poisonous plants in the Southwest, but if you do find yourself battling them it’s best to be prepared!

For more tips and details about prevention and treatment of contact with poisonous plants, check out this article. Or come in to the store and ask us for advice!